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PH7 Joins Movember Cause

The crew of PH7 are taking part in this years Movember cause. The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health, so this Movember we are getting on board. We are raising money so if your feeling generous please visit our Movember page and make a donation. PH7 Movember Page Also […]


Indigo Slam PH7 Plumbing

PH7 proud to be the plumbers for Indigo Slam

Indigo Slam picks up top housing honour at National Architecture Awards.   PH7 is proud to be the plumbers for the Sydney home Indigo Slam which won top honours at this year’s National Architecture Awards. To read the full article on and watch the exclusive video interview with Architect William Smart click here

Leaking Hot Water Tap

If you have a leaking hot water tap: * Locate the isolation value * Isolate the water at the leaking appliance Contact PH7 Plumbing to make an appointment for our qualified service technicians to neutralise the hot water leak.



Leaking Pipes

Small leaks in a pipe can often be repaired with a rubber patch and metal clamp or sleeve. This must be considered as an emergency repair job and should be followed by a permanent repair as soon as possible. A leak at a threaded or soldered connection should be considered a major repair. A plumber […]

Main Shut-Off Valves

The water line coming in from the street is often connected to the water meter followed by a master shut-off valve for the entire home. Close this one valve and you have shut off water throughout the house – it’s instant action for serious emergencies. If you need to shut off the water at the […]

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